Founded in 2005,Hengwei Technology. Long-term commitment to switching power supply ,LED driver and other new energy product development,production and sales. We are professional in develop and manufacture enclosed type switching power supply,LED waterproof power supply,Din-rail power supply,Security Monitor power supply,. several major series total more than 1000 series model.

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  • LED lighting

    LED lighting

    LED lighting is light emitting diode lighting, is a semiconductor solid light emitting device. It is the use of solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials, in the semiconductor through the occurrence of carrier recombination to release excess energy caused by photon emission, directly emitting red, yellow, blue, green light.

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  • LED display

    LED display

    LED electronic display set microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing in one, with bright color, dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work and other advantages. It can meet the needs of different environments.

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  • Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting refers to the use of night lighting for buildings and scenic spots. Through artificial design and creation, it makes them appear more artistic or aesthetic under the effect of lighting, so that ordinary nights are filled with different cultural atmosphere.

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  • Advertising light box

    Advertising light box

    Generally with blister, acrylic, inkjet cloth as the base material, using the box type hollow structure of the advertising carrier; It is waterproof, luminous and other characteristics, mainly suitable for indoor, outdoor advertising mainly. Common such as: soft film ultrathin light box, blister light box, crystal light box, Rab light box and Kabu light box.

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  • Security monitoring

    Security monitoring

    The security monitoring system is an independent and complete system that transmits video signals in its closed loop using optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave, from camera to image display and recording.

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